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Place Management Programs and Services

Clean Services within the HED include a variety of services ranging from sidewalk sweeping, trash removal, power washing and graffiti abatement. Approximately 30% of the Hollywood Partnership’s budget goes toward cleaning the public spaces in the HED. These efforts make a significant difference in not only the aesthetic of the area, but also greatly enhance the pedestrian experience of Hollywood.

Since 2018, clean services in the HED have been performed by CleanStreet. These services include graffiti removal, sidewalk pressure washing, daily street sweeping, and the occasional removal of bulky items. Property owners within the HED are encouraged to contact our Clean Team via our Service Request Form for matters related to their properties or the adjacent public realm.

Stakeholders may sign up to receive text alerts from HWDSAFETY. The Hollywood Partnership will provide dependable information about significant, known situations that may threaten the safety of stakeholders in the district. 

In addition to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the HED, The Hollywood Partnership also provides a safety and security services to help protect the community. Since the inception of HED, board members have made it a priority to improve the safety of the Hollywood community. To this end nearly 50% of The Hollywood Partnership’s annual budget goes toward safety and security programing.

The Hollywood Partnership’s current security vendor, AGS, Inc., has operated in the HED since 2007. The team includes off duty and/or retired law enforcement personnel. Our team works closely with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriffs to handle quality of life issues that occur within the public areas of the HED. The Safety and Security team’s hours are from 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. daily. To contact the Safety and Security team, please call (323) 465-0122.

Homeless Outreach Services are embedded within our safety team, performed by non-uniformed social workers trained to assess the needs of our homeless neighbors. They assist individuals with immediate needs and serve as a conduit between the unhoused population and the service provider community.

Hospitality Services are provided by Block by Block. Since September 2020, the Hospitality Ambassador Team has served as a concierge to the community and our visitors, providing assistance, removing obstacles such as scooters from the sidewalks, picking up litter, and giving directions.

The HP has assembled a list of companies that provide board up services, should you need to secure your property.

Place Management Committee Meetings (Goal 1)
The Place Management Committee (formerly known as the Security Committee, with some components of the Placemaking Committee) typically meets on the second Thursday of each month, unless otherwise noted.

The next meeting is:

Thursday, May 12, 2022
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Video conference - please see meeting packet for access details

Click here to download the May 12, 2022 Goal 1 meeting packet


Goal 1 – Clean, Safe, and Hospitality Ambassador Programs

Committee Members: Vaughn Davis - Chair, Steve Gentry, Jericho Gilmore, David Gordon, Mike Harkins, Amy Lemisch, Diego Lopez, Carol Massie, Elizabeth McDonald, Olivia McDuff, Jenifer Paquette, Gail Pena, Frank Stephan, Nash Tennant, Katie Zandona, Tony Zimbardi

Ex-officio, non-voting members: Sgt. Neil Wank (LAPD); Ethan Weaver (Office of the Neighborhood Prosecutor); Richard Shirvani (Bureau of Street Services)