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About The Hollywood Partnership

The Hollywood Partnership is a non-profit organization that manages the public realm within the Hollywood Entertainment District (HED), which is a Property Based Business Improvement District (PBID). Simply, this means that the organization is funded by property owners within the district to provide enhanced services to promote the cleanliness, safety, beautification, and economic vitality of our neighborhood.

Our official mission is to enhance the appeal, vitality, and well-being of the Hollywood Community from the ground up.

Our vision is a Hollywood where experiences EXCEED expectations!

We have four main goals within our strategic plan:

  • Goal 1: Establish and maintain a consistently high standard of cleanliness, hospitality, and safety – we have three teams, some working around the clock, to accomplish this!
  • Goal 2: Enhance and beautify the public realm to create a positive and memorable Hollywood experience – we currently are working on projects like public lighting and art to enhance Hollywood.
  • Goal 3: Create meaningful opportunities to convene and connect with Hollywood’s diverse community – we create fun and interesting engagement events to allow those who live, work, and play in Hollywood to meet and connect with each other.
  • Goal 4: Become the local market expert to advance & advocate for Hollywood’s economic interests – our quarterly reports have a finger on the pulse of Hollywood’s vitality and well-being.

We have committees made up of members of the community that meet on a regular basis to work towards accomplishing these goals.  If you are interested in being a part of this, let us know!