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I’m a tourist, and I’m lost!

Welcome! The ambassador program is especially helpful for out of towners. Just spot anyone wearing an emerald shirt emblazoned with “Hollywood Partnership” for assistance. They can provide recommendations for your stay in Hollywood, help you navigate the Walk of Fame or direct you to lodging & attractions. Call 567-HLY-WOOD (459-9663) 

Protect yourself! Official Hollywood Partnership Ambassadors wear uniforms featuring our logo + the colors pictured on this page (Emerald for Hospitality, Black for Safety, and Dark Blue for Clean). Any of these three types may assist you. On colder days, these ambassadors may be wearing a light yellow jacket with our branding as well. 

Beware of private companies pretending to be public services-- many of these are scams! Hollywood Partnership will never ask tourists for a tip or payment of any kind. 

I’m a local, what is all this?

Glad you asked!

The Hollywood Partnership is here to service residents in a few ways, namely across three verticals: Cleanliness, Safety, & Hospitality. We are the guys (and gals!) power washing the streets every morning, spearheading trash pick up, and working closely with Stakeholders to address issues of security. 

You can call the new Dispatch Center for things like: help finding your car if you forgot where you parked, a safety usher to walk with you late at night, report graffiti on murals & buildings, or when you need assistance with someone having a mental health episode. 

We also host regular meetings & forums that are open to the public (details available on our website and via our mailing list) that connect you directly with the goings on of our committees as well as letting your voice be heard with local leaders & political candidates. 

I’m a business owner in the district– how can you help me?

Glad you asked! Whether you’re looking to address a public maintenance issue in front of your business, (like an overflowing trashcan or waste on the sidewalk), or increased security support (say you need to address someone bothering your customers), we are here to help. Call 567-HLY-WOOD (459-9663) .

Beyond the Dispatch Center, our website hosts a directory of all businesses in the district, and we highlight local events & businesses on our social media at @hollywoodpartnership. Having an event? Need to update your directory listing? Email

Lastly, we encourage you to use our website as a resource– our Quarterly Market Report will highlight new data and updates from the district, and our Virtual Tour is designed to service you by highlighting the economic & residential potential of our district. Furthermore, we will be hosting forums with local leaders, as well as those running for office, where you can directly connect with those whose work impacts your business, so make sure you are signed up to receive our updates! 

The streets are too dirty, help!

Part of what we do includes trash pickup & power washing the sidewalks as part of schedule maintenance of the public realm. But, life doesn’t stop after that first morning power wash. You can always call or text the Dispatch Center to address any cleanliness issues you spot out there- from an overflowing trashcan to waste on the sidewalk to fresh graffiti on one of our murals. 

I don’t feel safe walking the street- what’ll you do about it?

You can stop any of our friendly ambassadors & security team on the street or call/text the Dispatch Center for safety assistance at any time. Whether it’s as simple as walking you to your car after a long shift at night, or helping you find your way around, our ambassadors are here to help. Remember, official HP Ambassadors only wear uniforms with our branding as pictured above and will never ask you for a tip or payment in exchange for services. 

If I call you about a homeless person, will you arrest them/take them to jail?

Since we are not the LAPD, we cannot make arrests or enact deadly force when responding to calls. We will however, dispatch security personnel to non-emergency incidents as well as homeless outreach personnel.  Part of the dispatch center’s function is to enhance responsiveness to issues with the unhoused and create greater cohesion among the several organizations that are out there on the street doing work with the homeless. 

Who is The Hollywood Partnership?

We're glad you asked! Visit our organization FAQs here to learn more about us.