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The Hollywood Partnership, previously known as the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, is a 501(c)6 nonprofit corporation that manages the Hollywood Entertainment District property business improvement district (BID). The HP is governed by a group of over 20 property owners and/or representatives representing the diverse array of property types in the District: commercial, residential, hotel, parking lot, nonprofit and government owned.

In 2018, the Hollywood Entertainment District was renewed and expanded to include the area formerly known as the Sunset & Vine District. There are eight full-time staff currently employed by the HP. For more information, contact

Kathleen Rawson, LPM

President & CEO

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Kathleen Rawson is a place management professional with more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, public space management, placemaking, and hospitality. Rawson currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer for The Hollywood Partnership, the non-profit organization that manages the Hollywood Entertainment District, including the world-renowned Walk of Fame. Before her new role in Hollywood, Rawson served as CEO of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM, Inc.) from 1997 to 2022. 

In Hollywood, Rawson is a dynamic leader who employs her extensive expertise to identify and address the critical needs of the district. Her innovative approach involves advocating for the community, collaborating with stakeholders, making bold decisions, and seeking additional revenue opportunities to create a more welcoming experience for residents and visitors alike

Rawson took the lead in establishing The Hollywood Partnership Community Dispatch Center (HPCDC), which is a first-of-its-kind facility operating 24/7. The HPCDC offers on-demand cleaning, safety, and hospitality services to residents, businesses, and visitors. Additionally, it provides a forum for community collaboration where The Hollywood Partnership convenes with law enforcement, local government agencies, and social services partners to address public safety and homelessness issues in Hollywood. The aim is to de-silo the work of each organization and work together to address community concerns more effectively.

Rawson's strategic vision also includes the development of the Hollywood Partnership Community Trust (HPCT). This 501(c)(3) affiliate raises additional funding through public and private donations to support various programs and initiatives within The Hollywood Partnership's strategic plan. Since its inception, HPCT has successfully raised over $3.6 million, which has been utilized to invest in clean and safe programs, beautification projects, economic development efforts, and community events. Such projects include the installation of color-changing LED lights along Hollywood Blvd., a project aimed to improve the perception of safety on the street and provide an aesthetic experience for pedestrians, and a partnership with Christopher Street West to launch a new community tradition, LA Pride Village, a free and open-to-the-public event that brings more than 30k people to Hollywood Blvd. each year to celebrate love and individuality after the official LA Pride Parade each June. 

Steven Welliver, LPM

Executive Director / Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

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Steven Welliver is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and also serves as Executive Director of the Partnership’s new community foundation, Hollywood Partnership Ventures. In this capacity, he works across the organization’s four primary goals to support the team in planning and funding projects that accelerate implementation of the strategic plan. He also oversees the research and economic development functions.

Steven holds a Master of Planning with emphasis in economic development and Master of Public Administration with emphasis in city management, both from the University of Southern California’s Sol Price School of Public Policy where he was a City Management Fellow. He is a former president and board member of the California Downtown Association. In 2017, he completed the Emerging Leaders Fellowship of the International Downtown Association, and in 2021 became a Certified Leader in Place Management (LPM). Before joining the Hollywood Partnership team, Steven was Deputy Chief Executive of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

Mackenzie Carter, LPM

Vice President of Marketing & Communication

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As Vice President of Marketing & Communication, Mackenzie serves as the primary steward of The Hollywood Partnership's brand message and identity, developing and executing strategic marketing and communication plans with the primary goal of telling the Hollywood story and enhancing the organization's relevance worldwide. She also focuses on establishing relationships with district businesses and other stakeholders to create opportunities for community engagement and collaborative partnerships in pursuit of the organization's objectives.

Before arriving in Hollywood, Mackenzie spent 13 years at Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. as the Director of Marketing & Communication. Prior to her career in place management, Mackenzie specialized in large-scale event programming for shopping centers and corporate meetings. Mackenzie is a certified Leader in Place Management (LPM). She currently serves on the board of the California Downtown Association and the International Downtown Association's Awards Committee.

Angela La Riva, MPA

Vice President of Operations

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Angela La Riva serves as the Vice President of Operations and oversees The Hollywood Partnership Goal 1 Place Management Programs. She is a well-accomplished law enforcement expert with over 12 years of experience in the public sector who successfully transitioned into the private security realm, including the entertainment and aerospace industries. A detail-oriented individual, leveraging her expertise in all areas of quality, safety, and environmental management, encompassing team building and leadership, safety and security management, risk and crisis management, organization development, and quality/performance improvement. 

Angela brings a demonstrated history of providing high-quality security and safety management to this position. Angela received her Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Phoenix with a certificate in Organizational Leadership. She possesses both a Masters of Arts Degree in Emergency Management/Homeland Security and a Masters of Arts Degree in Public Safety Leadership and Administration from Arizona State University. Angela is a former executive board member of the California Peace Officers Association (CPOA) and served four years on the CPOA Law and Legislative Committee advocating for public safety legislation. 

Lorin Lappin

Director of Finance & Administration

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Lorin Lappin serves as Director of Finance & Administration and oversees the fiscal procedures and financial records of The Hollywood Partnership. She also ensures contract compliance specifically for the HED BID contract with the City Clerk's Office as well as administration and human resources support for the organization.

To this position, she brings a wealth of professional experience and an avid interest in non-profit work. Lorin received her Accounting Fundamentals Certificate from UCLA Extension and the Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional (CNAP) Credential. Previously, she served as the assistant librarian at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, and an executive assistant at Priority Mailing Systems. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at California State University, Long Beach. A native Angeleno, Lorin has always had a keen interest in Hollywood, as she and her husband had their very first date at Amoeba Music. She enjoys staying active from workout classes or walking their three dogs. 

Cole Judge, LPM

Research and Economic Development Manager

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As Research and Economic Development Manager, Cole Judge is focused on enhancing Hollywood’s vitality through place-based research and economic development initiatives. She leverages data to enhance the district’s content and information for both internal and external stakeholders with the goal of supporting a healthy and vibrant commercial district. She collaborates with the economic development ecosystem to ensure economic development for Hollywood is robust, shared, and continuous.

Cole is a certified Leader in Place Management (LPM) and holds a Master of Urban Planning (MURP) from the University of New Orleans and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Hobart & William Smith Colleges. Prior to this position, Cole spent four years as Director of Research for the International Downtown Association (IDA) and two years as a White House “Strong Cities Strong Communities” Fellow (SC2). In her career, she has also worked within research and economic development capacities at several urban place management organizations including the Downtown Denver Partnership, the Downtown Fresno Partnership, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., and the Downtown Center BID in Los Angeles. 

Samuel Reyes, MPA

Public Space & Operations Manager

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As Public Space and Operations Manager, Samuel Reyes employs a holistic, analytical, and steadfast approach to enhancing the vitality and well-being of the Hollywood community. Samuel oversees the Partnership's beautification, maintenance, security, outreach, and hospitality ambassador programs.

Thriving in the high-energy and dynamic environment Hollywood provides, Samuel is well-versed in the needs of Hollywood and brings a wealth of experience in hospitality, workforce development, outreach, and operations to the position. 

In December 2022, Samuel completed his Master's in Public Administration, specializing in Public Management, from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Becky Murdoch

Executive Assistant

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Becky Murdoch serves as Executive Assistant.  She has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade and although she was drawn to the city for the entertainment industry, she has developed a deep passion for Hollywood. Murdoch also serves as Director of Events at Epiphany Space, a Hollywood-based arts organization, where she creates opportunities for artists of all disciplines to showcase their works. She is co-founder of Salute Your Shorts Film Festival. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and live music.