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Safety Team

Our safety team is trained to respond to non-emergency safety issues. While you should always call 911 in an emergency, our team members can help deescalate a situation, connect unhoused individuals to social service agencies, accompany you through an uncomfortable experience. 

  • See someone having a mental health episode? Call us. 
  • Is someone bothering your customers? Call us.
  • Need someone to walk with you late at night? Call us. 

We are here to enhance the overall feeling of safety in the district. 

Call us, when you need us!
- Submit a Service Request
- Call or Text, 567-HLY-WOOD (459-9663) 

Have a great Ambassador Experience? Tell us about it, via this Feedback Form.

Unhoused Community: 

For outreach to our unhoused neighbors, we work with the following organizations: Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), Hollywood4WRD, and Urban Alchemy. One of the goals of our HP Community Dispatch Center is to provide a more cohesive and connected approach to how we tackle homelessness in the district. Working in collaboratively with these orgs helps streamline all of our collective efforts for greater impact.

*Remember, for life threatening emergencies, always call 911. While we are not a replacement for the police, our Ambassadors can wait with you while the police arrive. 

*Please note, 311 is still your source for large curbside pickups like mattresses and sofas.