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Hollywood Partnership FAQs

So are you “The City”

We are not the city, we are an independent organization representing the needs of the Hollywood Entertainment District. We cannot replace city & county services like LAPD, 311, or the Department of Mental Health.

Officially, our type of organization is historically called a “BID” aka a Business Improvement District.

Okay, so what’s “The BID”

BID stands for Business Improvement District. Our district map is available here. We are not an independent city, and still rely on the City of Los Angeles to provide essential services to the area. However, LA is a big place and we work to provide enhanced services to fill in any cracks or holes for our particular district.

So, you’re like a non-profit? Where does your funding come from?

Our organization is funded by property taxes via owners in the Hollywood Entertainment District to benefit all stakeholders. So that means if you’re a renter, employee, student, or visitor of the district, you count as a stakeholder and you get to take advantage of these services without worrying about paying into the organization.

What’s a Stakeholder?

Anyone with a stake in Hollywood’s present & future: residents (renters & owners), business & property owners, people who work in Hollywood, visitors & tourists, you get the idea.

I'm here to learn about the Dispatch Center.

Great! Check out everything you need to know about Dispatch Center services here. You can call 567-HLY-WOOD (459-9663) any time 24/7 to connect.

I’m confused and I still have questions.

We get it! This is all really new. You can email us at any time at with further questions, or call the Dispatch Center at 567-HLY-WOOD for real time concerns. We also have regular meetings, events, and quarterly reports about what’s happening in the district. Check out our website for more.