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Ad Hoc Committees

An ad hoc committee is usually assembled to perform a specific project task or to address a specific issue. They meet less frequently than other committees and can be disbanded once the task or issue is complete. 

Executive Committee | Next Meeting: TBD

Katie Zandona, Chair; Vaughn Davis, Vice Chair ; Chase Gordon, Vice Chairr; David Gordon, Secretary; Jeffrey Moghavem, Treasurer; Drew Planting, Past Chair

Personnel Committee| Next Meeting: TBD

Amy Lemisch ; Chase Gordon; David Gordon; Drew Planting ; Frank Stephan ; Jeffrey Moghavem ; Katie Zandona ; Vaughn Davis

Finance Committee | Next Meeting: April 11, 1:00pm View Agenda

Jeffrey Moghavem, Chair; Vaughn Davis; David Green; Drew Planting ; Michael Nazzal

EaCa Steering Committee | Next Meeting: April 11, 11:00am  View Agenda

David Gajda, Chair ; Aziz Banayan ; Linda Kumetz Waxman ; Patrick Nadjat Haiem