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Spotlight On: Saint Felix Hollywood

Tag: Dining

Saint Felix Hollywood has been a gathering place for all types of folks in Hollywood for almost a decade now. The restaurant and bar was one of the first establishments to take advantage of the renovation of EACA Alley, the first pedestrian alley in Los Angeles. Now, they have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by pairing down their menu, utilizing the outdoor dining area, offering delivery via various apps, as well as selling their branded merchandise.

We spoke with co-owner Johnny Arakaki to see how business has been and what changes they have made.

"We're really happy that we've been able to persevere through these trying times. We recognize the unique balance between trying to remain open in a very safe environment as much as we can, with also being a small business with all the issues related to surviving at a capacity minimization," Arakaki said.

"For us, me and Christian [Leibfried, co-owner] what's unique is we're musicians so we're used to different environments, either touring, traveling, adjusting to major events, and we just are used to it. Obviously this is done on a larger scale with the health concern, so what we did was, we acted as responsibly as we could with the guidance that was given on a federal and local level, as well as taking the initiative to do as much research on what was going on in other communities outside of Hollywood."

Here is the full interview: