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Ways to Work Out from Home – Now that the Gyms are Closed

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Are you keeping in shape? Staying fit? At least planning to, while you’re “home alone?” Here are some fun ways for Hollywood residents to keep feeling strong while safer at home.


YouTube is packed with free, fun, yoga work outs. From gentle to demanding, there are plenty of choices. The stretch you’ll get is great for the body and soul, and yoga is a strong, non-impact way to stay limber and get leaner. If you’d prefer to do your down dog with a class, check out local studio online offerings, and Zoom in your Namaste. Some local studios are even streaming live studio classes free, daily, while others charge a reduced online rate. From dynamic Vinyasa flows to simple stretching there’s a variety of choices to help any body and support any lifestyle.

Yoga helps to prevent stiff joints, improve circulation, and lower both blood pressure and heart rate, too.

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Aerobic Exercise

Like yoga classes, you can find a wide range of exercise classes from boxing to senior Zumba. Many are free online, but you can also join a daily live class and feel the burn with a live-streamed group. The more active you are, the better – physical exercise raises mood, improves sleep, and reduces risks of stress and depression. If you’re new to this type of class, go for the lower impact type  of work out – but, if  you’re more ready to rumble, then go for an hour long burn.

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Weights and Balances

No hand weights or dumb bells but wish you had a set? You can use makeshift weights that will do the trick. From bottles of laundry detergent to bags of cat litter, you can use common household items to boost your lifting strength. Smaller weights? Water bottles, cans of soup or beans work just fine, too, and might just remind you of a few options for lunch. The main trick is to do each move ten times, rest for 30 seconds then repeat your set of ten four times more.

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Push Ups, Sit Ups, and Squats

Simple but productive, these tried and true strength regimens are a traditional favorite for a reason: they work. Build muscle mass gradually and safely by starting slow. You can build your length of routine as you power up over time. Planks work great, too, to build core body strength.

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Get Up from Your Desk

Keep it simple. Don’t just sit there all day, alternating between your work load and social media. Basic circulation improvement and body health can get a big boost from simply standing up and stretching – at least once every thirty minutes. And even when seated, flex and rotate you’re your lower leg and ankles – this greatly improves circulation. On the phone a lot? Try taking a stroll around the room, clockwise and then counter-clockwise every half hour.

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Overall tips

  • Set aside a specific time of day for exercise – whether it’s just after you get up in the morning, before dinner, or during a lunch break.
  • Find a dedicated exercise spot. Whether it’s the foot of your bed or by your living room TV, find a place to spread your yoga mat, do your push-ups, or Zumba away that allows you enough room to move.
  • Don’t be a couch or desk potato: get up, walk around, and if you have stairs in your home, use them.
  • Mind exercise is good, too – turn the tension down and let your mind and body relax with a guided meditation. From podcasts to YouTube, you can easily get your Zen on.

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