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27 Ways to Be Productive Right Now

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As we find ourselves in this thoughtful chapter of hunkering down and pressing the pause button on our typical daily routines, here is a list of 27 ideas to keep the mind sharp, the body moving, and the boredom at bay. 

Focusing on one task at a time can help with productivity. (Photo by Mackenzie Morrison)

  1. Get creative with your hands. Try a craft from materials you may already have at home, like this 5 Minute DIY Macrame Planter Tutorial
  2. Practice your handwriting or learn calligraphy
  3. Add all the ingredients you’ve been neglecting in your pantry to SuperCook & make a recipe you’ve never tried before
  4. Work on your flexibility and start Yoga With Adriene’s 30 Day Challenge
  5. Convert all your paper documents to PDF’s. And set up all future paperless options you’re your applicable accounts
  6. Try the “10 minute timer” cleaning method
  7. Learn a monologue and perform it for all your friends over FaceTime
  8. Write a poem or short story.  Writer’s block? Try a writing prompt generator like The Story Shack 
  9. Make a list of everything you are grateful for 
  10. Give your brain a workout with Lumosity
  11. Practice self-care & make a homemade face mask 
  12. Clean out your email & unsubscribe from all unnecessary newsletters 
  13. Make a master To Do List, or try Notion to help organize all your tasks and goals 
  14. Color coordinate your closet 
  15. Write a children’s book
  16. Watch a classic movie  
  17. Write in your journal, or start your first journal ever

Journaling is not only a good way to relieve stress, but can also help to improve your writing skills, including spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar. (Photo by Mackenzie Morrison)

  1. Learn a new skill like Self Expression & Authenticity to Self-Made Entrepreneurship with MasterClass 
  2. Make a dance party playlist on Spotify and invite all your friends to join you on Google Hangouts 
  3. Write a letter to your future self, or make a time capsule 
  4. Start a blog  
  5. Make a bucket list
  6. Keep your mind sharp with a game of Sodoku 
  7. Make a vision board 
  8. Record a home movie on your iPhone and use the 8mm Vintage Camera App for a retro touch 
  9. Take a well deserved nap 
  10. Share your own list of ways to stay productive. The more ideas the better!

Mackenzie Morrison is a writer and artist working in the music industry in Los Angeles, CA.  She currently lives in Hollywood with her two little dogs, DD & Maxine.  See more on her blog at