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A "How To" for Hollywood

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With various agencies working to make Hollywood - a neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles - function, it can be difficult to figure out who to call when something needs to be done. Here, we have compiled a helpful list of contact information for those who can help.

The HPOA contracts with AGS to provide security to the Hollywood Entertainment District, also known as the BID Patrol. This private security force is intended to patrol the common areas (sidewalks and streets) within the boundaries of the Business Improvement District only, enforcing quality of life issues and reporting crimes to LAPD. To call the BID security dispatch, dial 323-465-0122.
For any emergencies, life threatening issues, theft, or other crimes committed on private property, LAPD should be called through the emergency number 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number, 877-ASK-LAPD.


Clean services within the BID encompass a variety of services ranging from graffiti and litter removal to beautification projects such as tree planting/maintenance and street furniture purchases. Since 2018, clean services have been provided by CleanStreet. To make a cleaning or maintenance request, use the online service portal.


Every person who is homeless on the streets of Hollywood has unique needs and circumstances. Rather than let them fend for themselves, it is important to assess their situation and match them with the services that are most appropriate. There are two places people can go or be referred to: The Center in Hollywood ( at 6636 Selma Ave., and PATH ( at 340 N. Madison Ave. For youth under the age of 25, My Friend’s Place ( at 5850 Hollywood Blvd. provides assistance with counseling, housing assistance, and more. You can also utilize the County’s Homeless Outreach Portal at
For more information and resources, visit