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Ghost Kitchens in Hollywood

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The concept of ghost kitchens came about before the pandemic, but have become one way to enjoy great food while staying home. At K2 Restaurants and through Virtual Dining Concepts among others, Hollywood has some prominent ghost operations just off the boulevard.

SBE has its C3 ghost kitchen concept as does K2 Restaurants and Virtual Dining Concepts. Ghost kitchens focus on the idea that delivery is a popular concept for all types of food.

A new venture from Los Angeles-based K2 Restaurants, SOCIALEATS is a space where modern cuisine meets a one-of-a-kind community experience, all built upon a foundation of stellar culinary concepts. (Courtesy photo)

Social Eats

1542 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

Drive-thru pickup in the 3rd Court Alley/or free local delivery

K2 owner John Kolaski has several branches of his K2 concept, Social Eats, including one in Hollywood. Kolaski says that meeting the “unprecedented challenges” facing the restaurant industry due to the pandemic includes “incubating new concepts and streamlining operations under a single collaborative strategy…with the launch of our new SocialEats Good Eats.”

Ever innovative, Kolaski’s free delivery within 5 miles of the location involves the use of electric, zero-emission BMW i3 cars.

Pop!s Burgers & Shakes is a fast casual burger concept ready to satisfy the taste buds of burger enthusiasts. (Courtesy photo)

The wide variety of food choices includes the ability for customers to order from each available vendor in one single order to please a wide variety of tastes. Restaurants include SuperToro, where choices include the rock shrimp rice, cucumber sunomono salad, or yellowtail roll;  STRFSH, with its signature “rebel seafood” dishes such as fish and chips, or the flavorfully sauced Filet O’STRFSH; Hollywood Crab Shack, with its “Main Event” dishes in a bag - including lobster, mussels, or The Boiling Point consisting of 3lbs of mixed seafood, crab, clams, mussels, shrimp. And that mega fish is served in a bag with andouille Sausage, corn on the cob, and boiled Cajun butter red potatoes plus garlic bread – that feeds up to 4 people. Sides are available separately to combine with other bagged fish meals as well. At Pop!s Burgers & Shakes, it's exactly that on offer, including a vegan Impossible Burger as well as crispy chicken along with the Creekstone Farms beef.

Street Noods offers Asian-inspired night market noodles. (Courtesy photo)

Azule Taqueria has a full selection of “beach tacos,” such as pineapple pork belly, vegan cauliflower, or garlic shrimp as well as combos, and nachos. Street Noods is another choice available from Social Eats., with a full selection of Asian Night Market-style pan fried noodles such as Cajun Shrimp Yakisoba with golden chive, lemongrass and cajun butter.

P.ZA roman pies, from Virtual Dining Concepts, has options to satisfy every craving. (Courtesy photo)

Virtual Dining Concepts

6363 Yucca St, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Created by restaurant owners for other owners, Virtual Dining Concepts offers solutions for creating virtual, multi-concept restaurants within existing kitchens. Some brands are developed in partnership with celebrities including Tyga, Mario Lopez, and DJ Pauly D.

The bigger the better is the motto at MrBeast Burger! (Courtesy photo)

Menus for each dining option are available for online ordering through each spot’s individual website as well as through Grub Hub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Post Mates. There’s a bevy of options available, including MrBeast Burger, with its mega-sized smash burgers and crispy chicken sandwiches. Veg options include crinkle fries and super-melty grilled cheese. Celeb brand Tyga Bytes features chicken bites and tater tots with 12 different flavored dip options like buffalo, blue cheese, and mango habernero, and sweet to spicy flavored dusts. Wing Squad’s variety of chicken wings and’s Roman-style pizzas are other options. All of these are available for ordering now.

Tyga bites offers Bite-sized hormone-free chicken bites and tater tots baked to dip! (Courtesy photo)

As of yet, there are no menus online for the Hollywood locations of Virtual Dining Concepts other brands: Mariah Carey’s gourmet cookies; salads, bowls, and tortas from Mario’s Tortas Lopez; subs from Pauly D’s Italian Subs, or comfort food options from Foodgod or Yachty’s Diner. Those additional options are “coming soon.”

And there’s more…

Sam's Crispy Chicken is a new offering from the team that brought you Umami Burger. (Courtesy photo)

Of course, there are many other ghost kitchen options throughout Hollywood. Operating out of a Hollywood address at 1650 Schrader Ave., ghost kitchen selections include Krispy Rice, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, a variety of chicken sandwiches from The Other Side Delivery, and Umami Burger. Like Virtual Dining Concepts selections, ordering is available on delivery service sites like GrubHub, and directly through some location’s websites, as well.

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