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Meet Hollywood's Ambassadors

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The Hollywood Partnership’s Ambassador Program includes three major areas of focus: cleaning, safety/security, and now: hospitality. While all The HP’s ambassadors are specially trained to fulfill their specific roles, they are all part of a unified team that works together to improve people’s experiences in Hollywood.

The HP’s Clean and Safety/Security programs have been working in Hollywood for two decades. The new hospitality program adds an outgoing, customer-service focused approach to the Ambassador team. Their job is to engage with Hollywood’s many different types of stakeholders, linking people with Hollywood area experiences, attractions, shopping, restaurants, venues, transportation, and everything else the community offers. They serve as a concierge to the broader community.

Hospitality Ambassador Program

Elliot Jenkins and Davin McCloud are part of the new Hospitality Ambassador Program from The Hollywood Partnership. The new program was launched in response to the Hollywood In Focus Strategic Plan adopted in 2019. The team's uniforms were designed by Manam Fashion, a Hollywood-based firm. (Photo by April Clemmer)

The program soft launched in July, 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. While pedestrian traffic was lower as a result of the mandated shutdowns, the team was able to utilize the time to learn all about the Hollywood Entertainment District, including the area’s history, popular venues, currently operating businesses, and the historic Walk of Fame. The current level of visitation allows the new hospitality ambassadors to spend more time with individuals and families helping advise them to have a great Hollywood experience.

Hospitality Ambassador team

Hospitality Ambassador Isabella Zullo was named employee of the month for September 2020 by The Hollywood Partnership. On her left is Davin McCloud, and on the right is Elliott Jenkins, with the The HP’s Hospitality Ambassador team. (Photo by April Clemmer)

“We are so pleased to be enhancing our services with the new Hospitality Ambassador Program which will help curate and improve visitor experiences,” Kristopher Larson, President & CEO of The Hollywood Partnership, said. “While all our front line team members are always happy to help patrons with directions, recommendations, or other assistance, the new 12-person Hospitality Ambassador team has the specialized knowledge, mission, and compassion to truly make a difference for those who come to experience all that Hollywood has to offer.