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Native Trees And Plants You Will See Everywhere In Hollywood

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Hollywood is famous for movie-making and celebrity sightings. When you look up, you can't miss those big white letters overlooking Los Angeles. But you'll see some of the greatest sights in Hollywood by looking down at the ground. Living in Hollywood has its advantages, and when it comes to beautiful native plants and flowers, you will see them everywhere.

Whether you’re strolling through Hollywood landscapes or planting your own garden, check out these hardy native trees and flowers.

Trees and Shrubs

Mallow shrub. (Photo by Cseperke via

California’s climate varies by region, but average spring and summer temperatures in Hollywood are in the mid-70s to upper-80s. These native trees and shrubs grow naturally in the area, with little care.

Blue Elderberry

Blue elderberry. (Photo via

This large deciduous perennial is often considered a shrub, but with a maximum height of 25 feet or more, it's a small tree as well. Cream-colored and yellow blooms give way to purplish berries in the fall. Blue elderberry thrives in well-draining soil and full sunlight to partial shade. Thrashers, blue jays, crows, and mockingbirds enjoy the fruits.

Bush Sunflower

A perennial shrub that rises 3 to 4 feet high and an equal width, the bush sunflower's green branches sprout from a woody base. The green oval-shaped foliage produces yellow daisy-like flowers on long stalks. Full sunlight and sandy, well-draining soils help these native flowers spread. Thrashers, nuthatches, mockingbirds, and warblers are among the birds that enjoy the nectar.

California Figwort

Also called a bee plant, this is an evergreen perennial that grows up to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Reddish maroon flowers bloom from February to May. A tolerant plant, figwort handles drought easily, grows well in full sun to shade, and can tolerate either damp or dry soil. Seeds attract bees, orioles, hummingbirds, and waxwings.

Big Berry Manzanita

You'll see this stately shrub all over Hollywood and Los Angeles. It produces oval greenish-gray leaves and may grow up to 20 feet tall. White flowers burst into clusters that turn into large berries in the fall. Birds love them!

Bush and Chaparral Mallow

These evergreen shrubs hold small pink flowers that bloom from April till October. Mallows prefer full sun to partial shade and are great for privacy hedges. They can handle drought conditions, and other than a little pruning, need little maintenance.


California Poppy. (Photo via

Bush Poppy

This evergreen has textured foliage that grows well in privacy hedges. The plant can reach up to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Yellow flowers bloom in late winter to early spring.

California Aster

This perennial member of the daisy family has soft, fuzzy leaves. Daisy-like blooms appear in lavender, pink, and white. California asters grow well on sloped landscapes among big and small rocks.

Showy Penstemon

Showy Penstemon. (Photo by Tom Hilton via Flickr)

This flower grows wild in clay soils and is great for attracting birds. This 3-inch evergreen perennial sprouts lavender flowers from April through June.

Golden Currant

This flower is easy to spot since it's often surrounded by hummingbirds. A deciduous plant, it produces yellow tube-like flowers that emit a sweet fragrance. Tiny fruits are yellow to light red.


These native perennials have curly edged leaves and large blooms. The red, orange, and white flowers bring birds and bees to the yard and garden.


California Sagebrush (Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

California Sagebrush

This plant grows everywhere in the Golden State, but the size depends on location and soil. Most plants reach about 5 feet tall. Sagebrush is aromatic, makes a lush groundcover, and adds an ornamental touch to Hollywood landscapes.


Deerweed. (Photo by Melissa McMasters via Flickr)

This plant sprouts tiny yellow flowers in the spring and summer. Deerweed adds nitrogen to the soil, which is helpful when restoring gardens and landscapes. This deciduous plant typically lasts from seven to 20 years.

Woolly Indian Paintbrush

You'll notice this plant on south-facing slopes in rocky soil. Its orange blooms attract hummingbirds and pollinating insects. This semi-parasitic perennial grows on its own but also clings to other plants.

Long-stem Buckwheat

This plant produces delicate gray foliage and pink blooms. It grows just about everywhere, and you’re sure to find some in Hollywood gardens, landscapes, and along sidewalks and alleyways. Buckwheat is fodder for cows, birds, and butterflies.

Instead of looking up at the stars in Hollywood, look down at the beautiful blooms. Then look up at the towering trees that were here long before the movies and music. When it comes to nature, Hollywood has a song of its own.

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